samedi 13 juillet 2013

Codex Magica by Texe Marrs

by Texe Marrs
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The Innermost Secrets of the Illuminati Beckon You
They vowed you would never know. They thought there was no way you could possibly unmask the sick things they have been hiding. They were wrong. Now, thanks to the incredible revelations in this amazing book, you can discover their innermost secrets.

You can identify the members of the Illuminati and unravel their astonishing plan to control and manipulate. You can crack the Illuminati code.


They Have Their Own Hidden Language
Codex Magica is awesome in its scope and revelations. It contains over 1,000 actual photographs and illustrations. You'll see with your own eyes the world's leading politicians and celebrities  - including America's richest and most powerful  - caught in the act as they perform occult magic.

Once you understand their covert signals and coded picture messages, your world will never be the same. Destiny will be made manifest. You will know the truth and everything will become clear.

Texe Marrs is author of over 37 books, including the #1 bestseller Dark Secrets of the New Age and Circle of Intrigue: The Hidden Inner Circle of the Global Illuminati Conspiracy.

A retired career U.S. Air Force officer, he has taught at the University of Texas at Austin and has appeared on radio and TV talk shows across America.
Last night I saw upon the stair a little man who wasn't there. He wasn't there again today. Oh gee, I wish he'd go away!

 - Old Nursery Rhyme

  • Introduction - The Occult Script-A Colossal and Monstrous Conspiracy
  1. Caution! - You Are Now Entering the Forbidden Zone
  2. The Megalomania of the Psychopaths - Why The llluminati Do What They Do
  3. Concealed Messages - The Importance of Hand Signs to the llluminati
  4. For He's a Jolly Good Fellow - Sign of the Devil's Claw By the Men of the Craft
  5. Baphles Me! - Horned Beasts, Leaping Goats, Satanic Beards, and Other Messages of Evil
  6. A Show of Hands - llluminists Employ the Grand Hailing Sign and the Sign of Admiration and Astonishment
  7. "I Gruesomely Swear That I'm On the Square" - More Revealing Signs of llluminati Cultists
  8. "Cross My Heart and Hope to Die" - The Mysterious "X" Factor
  9. That Ravenous Dark Bird - Sublime Mysteries of the Illuminati's Double-Headed Eagle
  10. Hand On Heart - Sign of Devotion to the Chiefs
  11. Magical Signs of the Jewish Cabala - The Six-Pointed Star, Babylonian Witchcraft, and the Hollywood Perdition of Jerry Seinfeld and Associates
  12. Scorched by the Sun - Solar Signs, Circles, and Serpents
  13. "I Fell In To A Burning Ring of Fire" - Arnold Schwarzenegger's Masonic Ring, Newt Gingrich's T-Rex Dinosaur, and Other Mysterious Messages on Rings and Neckties of the Elite
  14. Victory For the Devil - Fabulous Exploits of Sir Winston Churchill and Other Druid Priests and llluminati Servants
  15. Blood Red - Red Stars, Clenched Fists, Hammers and Sickles, and Other Signs and Symbols of Communist Intrigue